Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook in Predestination: A Review


I watch two to three movies per week, sometimes more, but rarely do I get inspired enough to write a review. I kept dozing off watching Gone Girl (I read the book before seeing the film), The Hundred Foot Journey was warm-hearted but fell short as a true-blue foodie film, A Most Wanted Man (read the book more than a year ago) and The November Man were thrilling but not … [Read more...]

Was Cinderella Chinese before she was French?

Screen grab from the trailer of Disney's upcoming Cinderella movie

Last night, after watching the official Cinderella (2015) trailer on, something prompted me to scroll down the page and read the comments. The first one questioned why all the characters are white -- again. There were dozens of replies ranging from the seemingly obvious (the setting is Europe, naturally, the characters are white) to the racist and sarcastic … [Read more...]

Fluid by Floy Quintos: Press Preview Night


Fluid by Floy Quintos opens tonight at the DLS-CSB SDA Theater in Manila with the playwright directing. Last night was the Press Preview which Speedy and I attended. What is Fluid about? It is a play about artists -- their perspectives, priorities, dreams and frustrations. It is also about the ever-present dilemma about how much of the artistry is compromised when the … [Read more...]

This July at the CSB-SDA Theater: “Fluid” by Floy Quintos


When Alex told me that Floy Quintos will be directing a play at her school, I was excited. She asked if I knew him and I said Floy and I were blockmates in our freshman year in U.P. The block was a mix of Journalism, Theater Arts and English majors. It was a fun group, that block. I remember Christmas the year we were freshmen, Floy invited us over to his house over the … [Read more...]

Imaginaerum, the movie and the album by Nightwish


Unless the movie is a musical, the score is usually an accessory -- something that helps set the mood or convey the emotion in a scene. For instance, there's John Williams's music in that iconic scene in E.T. when Elliott rides with the extra-terrestrial to the forest on his bike to escape government scientists. I still gape and sigh with wonderment when the bike flies … [Read more...]

13 Sins: a commentary on modern society’s reward system


It is a remake of a Thai film called 13 Beloved and if you've seen the 1997 Michael Douglas starrer The Game, it's easy to dismiss the plot 13 Sins as non-original and not worth watching. But IT IS worth watching if only to prove that 1) an obviously low-budget film with no big name stars can be engaging and 2) a horror / thriller film can be more provocative beyond the … [Read more...]

Penny Dreadful and Eva Green


With Newsroom, Game of Thrones, House of Cards and Downton Abbey all on break, there's nothing really interesting on TV. I gave up on Food Network long ago, I don't watch reality shows and I don't find talent shows entertaining one bit. Then, the girls arrived for the weekend, Alex suggested Penny Dreadful and Sam said her friends had been recommending it too. We tried it … [Read more...]

Real life “Pet Sematary”


Among all Stephen King's novels, Pet Sematary is my favorite. So I told my friend Joel over a conversation about ghosts triggered by the MET photos I posted the other day. If you're unfamiliar but curious about Pet Sematary, I urge that you read the book and ditch the film altogether which is really a lousy adaptation. The book, for horror story afficionados, is great … [Read more...]

The paintings of the celebrated Filipino artist who was never born


It's a fact: artistic work has more value after the artist has died. Perhaps, it has to do with the law of supply and demand. A dead artist can no longer produce additional work so the finite number of work that existed at the time of his death will gain more and more value as more people compete to own a piece. Think Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne and Frida Kahlo, just to name a … [Read more...]

Movie theme: Time travel and the space–time continuum


Season 3 of Revenge has started airing, Alex and I still plod through it, I have no idea for how much longer because after the second episode, we agreed that the plot has become really ridiculous. Speedy gave up long ago; I don't think Sam managed to finish Season 2. All of us having watched at least a couple of episodes of Revenge, we are at least familiar with the … [Read more...]