Real life “Pet Sematary”


Among all Stephen King’s novels, Pet Sematary is my favorite. So I told my friend Joel over a conversation about ghosts triggered by the MET photos I posted the other day. If you’re unfamiliar but curious about Pet Sematary, I urge that you read the book and ditch the film altogether which is really a lousy adaptation. The book, for horror story afficionados, is great reading.

Pet Sematary is the story of a doctor, Louis, who moves with his family from Chicago to rural Maine. A friendly neighbor, Jud, takes the family to a walk in the nearby woods where they encounter the “pet sematary” (the misspelling attributed to children having made the sign).

Some time later, Jud’s wife, Norma, suffers a heart attack but survives through the medical help extended by Louis. As a token of gratitude, after the family cat, Church (short for Winston Churchill), is run over by a truck, Jud takes Louis beyond the “pet sematary” to the “real cemetery” — an ancient burial ground of the Native American Micmacs — where Louis buries Church. The next day, Church comes home. But he isn’t like the Church before the accident. He smells funny and acts strangely.

Then, Louis’ young son, Gage, is killed by a speeding truck and Louis brings his corpse to the Micmac burial ground… »

Movie theme: Time travel and the space–time continuum


Season 3 of Revenge has started airing, Alex and I still plod through it, I have no idea for how much longer because after the second episode, we agreed that the plot has become really ridiculous. Speedy gave up long ago; I don't think Sam managed to finish Season 2.All of us having watched at least a couple of … »

Can you tell if a person is lying just by watching his face?


Speedy and I have been watching Lie to Me -- no, not the Korean drama but the series starring Tim Roth and Kelli Williams that had been cancelled by Fox after three seasons. The story revolves around a private company that specializes in applied psychology (body language and microexpressions) to assist in crime … »

Neil Jordan’s Byzantium: a new take on the origin of vampires


It was hard to pass up on Byzantium considering that I am a fan of some of Neil Jordan's works including The Borgias and Interview with the Vampire. I took a chance on this little-heard-of film and I'm glad I did. It doesn't rank among THE GREAT vampire films but it was still nice to see a movie where vampires did not … »

The Great Gatsby: Daisy Buchanan’s still a shallow bore


The first time I encountered F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby was in college. It was a required reading in an English Literature class and I plodded through it, wrote a paper and called the heroine, Daisy Buchanan, a shallow, selfish bore who loved money above all else. I just felt no sympathy for her. U.P. has a 1 to … »

Is Revenge worth watching?


Revenge is categorized as a soap opera so the melodrama and quite unbelievable twists are expected. But well written soap operas can be riveting. And the first season was truly riveting. Man is framed by rich, powerful family to take the blame for plane crash that killed hundreds of people, man goes to prison, his young … »

The Lone Ranger: box office flop


A month and a half ago, an article came out where Steven Spielberg talked about the "implosion" of Hollywood.Spielberg and Lucas expect consumers to watch more content, including movies and TV shows, on giant screens at home, as the separation between TV and film content disappears and theatrical releases are limited … »

Before Midnight: worth the long wait


When it was announced that there would be a third installment to the Before series, I smiled to myself. What a treat, I thought. I am not a huge fan of love stories (my idea of a love story something akin to Wuthering Heights), but the two Before movies got me hooked in a huge way.For the uninitiated, Before Sunrise is … »

The bastards at King’s Landing and the Vatican


The last TV series I watched were Fringe, The Newsroom, Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey. Fringe ended after the fifth season (and a terrible fifth season it was). The second season of The Newsroom premiered in the US two days ago but we won't get to see it in Asia for a while. I don't know when the fourth season of … »

Dan Brown’s Inferno: more travelogue than thriller


I wasn't planning on reading Inferno. I was so disappointed with The Lost Symbol that I decided Angels and Demons would be my last Dan Brown read.But all hell broke loose (pun intended) when some Filipinos reacted negatively to Inferno's reference to Manila as "the gates of hell." It was hilarious, really, with MMDA … »

Dogma: God speaks through an interpreter


I watched Dogma because of Alan Rickman. Heck, I didn't even know there were other big-name stars in the film until I saw Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in the opening scene. And George Carlin too.I like Alan Rickman. I first saw him in Die Hard and I was impressed with his Hans Gruber portrayal (I also found his speaking … »

Side Effects: nothing is as it seems


It's been a while since I wrote anything about movies or television or theater or books. Not for lack of material, definitely, but for lack of material time. I can't remember anymore how many movies I've seen, and books I've read, this last month or so. Too many are plain forgettable, others I remember because they are so … »