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Connie Veneracion

Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. richard says:

    ….that’s 15 minutes you’ll never get back

    Sandler movies been a hit and miss affairt lately

    if you and your brood don’t mind then We Are Legion or The Silent War may do……a bit serious for Sunday night next day back to the grind viewing so you may want to to have The Campaign handy

  2. That’s three titles! Thanks!

  3. pinayhekmi says:

    Watch Skyfall! I’m not sure if I like it yet. May need a rewatch but I think it is well done.

  4. Cath says:

    Ah, I haven’t watched films on movie theaters for at least 2 years! Just like ms I’m also happy with cable, specially now that RED channel is available. :) That’s my Boy was glorified much a few months back but I’ve forgotten about it until you talked about it here.

    Anyways, I hope the rest of the night was great for you and your guests.

    • Jake says:

      Hi Connie,
      I like your blog.
      I also saw the movie Magic Mike. I was hesitant to watch it at first because so many reviews were saying how shallow the movie was or how hot Channing Tatum was.
      Anyway, I decided to watch the movie because I saw Channing being interviewed on TV talking about his pre-Hollywood life and yes he was a male stripper in Florida. He said most people think strippers are dummies but really not all are …
      I encourage you to watch the movie again and listen to the script from a different angle. Mike or Channing is really telling his story. That scene near the end when Magic Mike looks at his fellow strippers with an introspective near-tears facial expression spoke volumes of a person who is searching for meaning.
      I am a part-time filmmaker myself. It is easy to trash the movie because of the “stripper scenes”. But if you try to strip away those girl-screaming shots, the film actually delivers something deeper. That all of us, you and me included, are trying to find meaning in our lives. But Magic Mike was filmed to show more or less the real scenario. Unlike other critic-award winning films which pretend to be serious in the hopes that they will win an Oscar.

      • If you would re-read the first part of the 4th paragraph, you’ll see that I was looking exactly for the substance beyond the muscles and didn’t find it.

        A movie should stand on its own. If Tatum Channing was telling his story, he should have told that, nuances and all, in the film itself and not in an interview. :)

        • JaKE says:

          Hi Connie

          There are a lot of nuances and that is what made Magic Mike a good movie but nuances are only perceived if you can or are willing to.

          Most people saw the stripping and the muscle only. It’s like looking at a bouquet – you see the buds but not the leaves.

          But like any movie or any meal for that matter – we all have our own take. Other people I spoke with who saw the movie also saw Magic Mike as a movie with far more meaning than the stripping.

          Would you say Skyfall has substance?


          • Jake, anyone can see what he wants to see. Fans of Cody Horn will even perceive acting talent in that department. People even see images of the Virgin Mary when they stare too hard and too long at the sun.

            Nuance? The Matrix has nuance. Lots of it. That’s my kind of substance. Skyfall has more substance than The Man With The Golden Gun, definitely.

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