The children of The Sound of Music

You must have read about Julie Andrew’s new take on “My Favorite Things” when she sang it at the Radio City Music Hall on her 69th birthday in 2004. It was sent, forwarded and re-forwarded over and over for a long time. Unfortunately, it was just a hoax. Julie Andrews lost her singing ability after a surgery gone bad. From Snopes:

Julie Andrews lost the ability to sing in 1997. That year she was admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital for the removal of a non-cancerous polyp on her vocal cords, and what should have been a simple surgical procedure went dreadfully wrong. Her multi-octave singing voice was virtually destroyed.

Andrews sued the two doctors and the hospital for what had been done to her. In 2000, she settled her malpractice suit out of court, and though the terms of that settlement were not publicly disclosed, the amount she recouped is believed to be in the neighborhood of £20 million (about $30 million US).

However, the photos of The Sound of Music children that started circulating in e-mails more recently appear to be genuine. The seven actors did hold a reunion in Salzburg.

Sound of Music

From right to left: Charmian Carr (Liesl), Nicholas Hammond (Friedrich), Heather Menzies (Louisa), Duane Chase (Kurt), Angela Cartwright (Brigitta), Debbie Turner (Marta) and Kym Karath (Gretl).

The photo was sent by my brother-in-law, Sonny, along with the “My Favorite Things” lyrics supposedly sang by Ms. Andrews on her 69th birthday. Sorry, bro, the lyrics are bogus. :razz:


  1. elsielemon says

    is it me or is Christopher Plummer a pompous ass??? He is so stuck on himself and thinks he’s so much better than anyone else in the world….his stupid comment about the Sound of Music not being Hamlet…like it was so beneath him!! I wouldn’t even watch Hamlet…especially if HE was in it. He also has had too much plastic surgery. The movie “Must Love Dogs” which he is in as the father of 6 grown kids makes him into a chauvenist pig…which he must be…he also had that type of role in “Somewhere in Time” …could he be type cast or does he do such a good job because he’s NOT acting??? Geez…the kids and Julie Andrews were so much more enjoyable than he was….get a life Christopher.

  2. Mik says

    There’s a clip on youtube going around from a show in 2000 paying tribute to love songs on Broadway and she came out and performed with Michael Crawford that last scene from My Fair Lady. I think I must have held my breath in the bars right before she “sang”, wondering if we will hear that voice again. And it was very sad, but heartwarming when she followed that performance through.

  3. says

    Friedrich, Kurt and Martha seemed to just have grown taller. I can still see the little versions of them with how they look now. But then they all look good.

  4. says

    Connie, I just love this movie! I first saw it when I was 8 years and the last time was just a couple of months ago. I was in college when Maria Von Trapp died. I have always meant to look up the real story this was based on and finally got to doing it after reading your post.

  5. says

    ms. connie- i love this movie. my lolo and lola took me to a “real” theater experience when i was very young. now, my daughter loves it. we have the special 2 disc dvd (geri- it has the real von trapp story, which is sad and very different from the julie andrews-maria we all love). the central coast children’s choir sponsors the sound of music “sing-a-long” here during spring. we haven’t been to one, but we plan to go this coming spring.
    this is one of my fave movies.

  6. says

    Mik, I’ll look for that. I love Michael Crawford as much as Julie Andrews. Ironically, I heard that Crawford stopped playing Phantom on Broadway because he lost his voice too.

    Lynn, Nicholas Hammond (Friedrich) was the first Spiderman in movies, if I remember correctly.

    Geri, hehehe I read that too. And there was a book, read it years ago, can’t remember the title now.

    Inna, my mother said The SOund of Music was my first movie experience and I cried until they were forced to bring me out. Scared of the dark, probably. Or the noise. Eh baby pa ako nun. LOL Now my daughters have the DVD and they went through The Sound of Music mania, watching it everyday for months.

  7. says

    When the dog bites, when the bee sting, when I’m feeling sad. I simply remember my favorite thing and then I don’t feeeeeeeeel soooooooo baaaad!

    We had an LP of the original soundtract of the movie and I think I’ve seen it 6 or 7x. : )

  8. says

    the first movie we were allowed to watch! they also had a reunion in the 90s. alam mo ba na hindi nila kilala yang movie na yan dito sa germany? maybe coz of the movie theme.

  9. Ronnie says

    The Sound of Music – watched it first time as a kid with my dad in the mid-60′s at the Ever Theater along Avenida Rizal. I remember we had to line up to buy tickets. Also remember my dad telling the ticket seller I was already 7 years old, something to do with some city ordinances that prohibited children below 7 from watching movies, even if the movie was rated “non-objectionable”. Yes, that’s how they rated GP or general patronage movies back then. One of the scenes I liked and remember best is the song-and-dance number (I am 16 going on 17) of Rolf and Liezl at the garden. I watched the movie again in the mid-70′s when it was re-released, that time at the State Theater, also along Avenida Rizal. I still watch it on DVD today. The movie’s a real classic, I’ve never grown tired watching it.

  10. Leanne says

    Have just read the real story of the Von Trapp family for the first time and although the two strories are very diferent, I will always love The Sound of Music for what it is – celebration of life and childhood and standing on one’s values.

    The Von Trapp family shouldn’t be so bothered the movie is so different from the original events. Otherwise the world would never have known their story and would have been deprived of a movie that brings so much posititivity to the world. :)) Watching it now for the umpteenth time … they’ve just returned from their honeymoon and ripped the nazi flag …

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