Why I like Kate Winslet

So, I missed the live telecast of the 81st Academy Awards. I had to work, what can I say? It would have been nice to say, “Play now, work later” but newspapers don’t move their deadlines so that columnists can watch TV before writing their articles. But within a minute after hitting the “Send” button, I was running to the Blue Room to turn on the TV. Not that I didn’t know the results already. I was checking my feeds while writing my column and I already knew who won.

What’s the big deal? I’m not a celebrity watcher, definitely. But this year’s different. I was rooting for Kate Winslet. I wanted her to win. And not just win but win for her performance in The Reader. After six previous nominations, I thought that The Reader was finally the perfect vehicle for her victory. I do love Meryl Streep but Doubt was not a strong vehicle for her.

But it was really more than rooting for one actress over other contenders. I wanted Kate Winslet to win because a victory meant more visibility and people would start straining a little harder to hear what she has to say. Kate Winslet is one of those few celebrities who feels great about herself and her self image. She is well known for not allowing Hollywood to dictate her weight, her style and her priorities (she declined Woody Allen’s Match Point to spend more time with her children). Remember how GQ magazine issued an apology to her after airbrushing her cover photo in 2003? Most women will gush about how much better they look after the airbrushed weight loss but not Kate Winslet who complained that that wasn’t how she really looked. Probably a little hard to understand for women who think that faked good looks are better than what’s real.

And Kate Winslet’s idea about her goals is different from most. She chose art house films (Hideous Kinky, Holy Smoke!) in favor of commercial movies (Shakespeare In Love, Anna and the King) and that, I think, says a lot about her character.

So, I suppose I like Kate Winslet because I have respect for her as an actress and as a woman.


  1. says

    I think this is the first time you actually wrote as a “fan” :-P
    I’ve not seen the Awards itself, but I read the news.
    In one article it said that after the ceremony, Kate said she felt “big” surrounded by the Hollywood women. And goodness she apparently is only a UK size 10!
    Sa TV mukha nga syang malaki as in voluptuous kaya akala ko size 12-14 sya. So kung size 10 sya sila Keira e talagang size 0.

    Trivia: The average women size in the UK is apparently 16.

    • says

      “I think this is the first time you actually wrote as a “fan”.”

      No naman. I’ve written about Brad Pitt so many times, drooling and all hahahaha

      Re dress size. That reminds me of Stanley Tucci’s line in “The Devil Wears Prada.” When he was rummaging for clothes that would fit Anne Hathaway, he said something like yesterday’s 2 is today’s 4.

  2. Carol B. says

    I’m hats off to people who go against the flow and value their individuality. For a time I thought the phrase “growing old gracefully” is unheard off in Hollywood until I read Kate’s interview in a magazine. Her “this is just work, my real world is outside of work” attitude is indeed rare in Hollywood where everything is an extension of their career.

  3. Carol B. says

    I think that’s the magazine I read. That interview shows that Kate is not only beautiful…she also has the brains and she stands by what she believes in. Wow! It’s hard to believe that there are real people in hollywood. I thought they are all made of silicon…hahaha. In my humble opinion, she deserves the respect given to her by her peers and followers.

  4. says

    I love her, period :). The fact that she’s very vocal about her disgust on Hollywood’s obsession with weight is just one of the reasons. I wish the Philippines showbiz industry has someone like her who’d tell those annoying press to stop being so mean about what makes a Pinay celebs look gorgeous. And it’s not Belo or Calayan. Just sayin’ :).

  5. says

    Yup, good or bad, it’s still publicity. I applauded Claudine Barreto when she came out with a soap opera after she had her child and she was wearing a swimsuit. And she looked good btw (thanks to either Belo or Clayan too probably). Then I read comments saying “nanay ka na, swimsuit swimsuit ka pa”. That didn’t go well with my ears as you can imagine… LOL.

  6. claudine charie says

    I love Kate Wislet and I don’t think she is fat. If I were a guy that would be the right size baby lol! I remember Tyra Banks show that features kids in a very young age who are dieting and thinks that they are fat. And all they think about is their weight and what would other people day. I feel bad for these kids and their parents because at a young age they are already loosing their self esteem when in fact they should be enjoying life like the other kids. Media should stop telling to the like of Kate that they don’t have a great body because kids are watching and listening and these kids thinks that if they’re fat people would redicule them.

  7. says

    I don’t get comments like that. So a mom has business being in a swimsuit because why exactly? It’s like people think a mom has stopped being a woman just because they’ve had a baby? Maybe the women who wrote that comment should look into tapping into their sensuality/sexuality to liven up their lives w/ husbands eh? ;)

  8. says

    My reasons too for loving Kate Winslet. Oprah, during an interview with Kate, exclaimed “God bless your real boobs!” or something to that effect. I also thought she was incredible in Revolutionary Road. I was sorry to missed The Reader.

  9. claudine charie says

    I was looking for what to watch last night and there’s this show in Bravo “Make me a supermodel” catch my attention. They ask the finalist to take off their clothes and they mark an X for the visible fat. Naku Ms. Connie wala tayong pag-asang maging supermodel ang gusto nila buto’t balat LOL!!! Naduling na ako katitig sa tv eh hindi ko naman makita un visible fat na minarkahan nila hahahahaha!!!

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